Roon 943 stopped communicating to ALL endpoints

Roon 943
QNAP TVS-h1688x / QuTS Hero

Yesterday after playing Roon for a while for my family, Roon 943 just abruptly ceased to play anything. Upon further inspection, Roon 943 can no longer see any other endpoints for playback, be they Roon Bridges (I use RoPieeeXL), Roon Ready devices (my Oppo 203 and 205) or even my iPhone’s client. Strangely, it can see the Roon bridges in the “About” screen. The only devices that are available are the two HQPlayer endpoints that feed RoPieeeXL and they don’t work either. So now Roon is completely down for me and I don’t know what to do. I had upgraded QuTS Hero from to .2022 the day before and Roon was working for a day or so before complete failure.

To make matters worse, Roon stopped finding local files entirely after I rebuilt my QNAP NAS from a factory reset a week ago. It used to be that the guest access privs toggle would work for me but no longer. I had been using the localhost workaround but performance is slow…enough that Roon was complaining on playback for larger HiRes audio files.