Roon aborts due to network problems (TIDAL)

Hello, everyone,

i need your help with my system at home because the roon software keeps crashing. This always reports the same thing: TIDAL is very slow due to network problems or software settings.
The Roon stops playing, as I said, and jumps to the next song and at some point it stops completely.
With other applications (music from Apple, Tidal (directly, not via Roon), the system works perfectly via Airplay.

I made you a sketch of our system and uploaded several snapshots.

If you need any further information, I am at your disposal.

Thanks for your support in advance!

Kind regards

Edgar Eszlari M.D.

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

I’ve about 27.000-28000 tracks in my library on the QNAP NAS Server (s.attachment/sketch)


ion of Issue



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I note that the TL-SG1428PE is a managed switch. It could well be a mis-configuration of this that is causing your issues. Do you have a simple, unmanaged, switch that you could use in its place as a test? Or perhaps connect your Core, NAS and the B&W Formation direct to your router as a test?

See also:

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