ROON Access to MQA within Tidal

I was trying to navigate within Tidal from ROON and I don’t have access to Tidal MQA. Is there a way to add?

Within the Tidal platform, you go to albums and then “Masters” to find all of the MQA tracks/albums.

Thanks for your insight/feedback.

Use the Tidal app to identify MQA masters, favourite them and they will appear in Roon.

Thanks! Thats a good work around for now.

The master section is far from complete as I have 940 albums as master favourites with some artists not visible in my region (Sweden)

Thin Lizzy
Mott The Hoople
Black Sabbath

Has anyone found a way to add Tidal MQA content to Roon?

I dont mind adding favourite tags in Tidal but not all mqa content is listed under masters.

I have just migrated from Sooloos and there i was able to browse Tidal and find mqa content by playing back different versions until mqa was confirmed on my dac.

I cant see a way to do this on Roon as yet?

Can I suggest you reread this thread and search out for the Tidal MQA spreadsheet as well?

Thank you.

On reflection i may not have been quite clear. I am aware that i can look under masters in Tidal and favourite albums to appear in Roon.

However my issue is the Tidal MQA spreadsheet you mention shows a few hundred albums that dont appear on my Tidal desktop application (on Mac OS) so i wondered how those titles could be found on Tidal in order to be favourited for Roon.

@ben, is it possible to add the “Masters” from Tidal to the overview in Roon?

In the Tidal app I can see it as a separate category.

Can it be build in the next build of 1.3, please?

All those titles (bar some regional differences) in the spreadsheet can be found in Tidal, it’s just many of them do not appear in the “Masters” section. Using the Tidal app search for the artist using the spreadsheet as your guide, systematically play each album listed in the spreadsheet for that artist. At least one of the albums will show up as “Master” and be MQA. Favourite it.

I recommend doing it this way as going straight to the album does not allow you to easily check whether any other albums are Masters. The spreadsheet is not exhaustive yet.

Thank you, that seems to be working for me!