Roon accessing NAS share when disabled under settings -> storage [Investigating]

@TKelley I have exactly the same problem and keen to see what resolution Roon can come up with.


They are SMB Client Info Request packets as reported 6th April. I can dig out some traces but will be tomorrow now.

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Bill…here is the pcap file. Rock is at and NAS at Other packets filtered.

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Daniel…the constant NAS HDD access still occurs even if the NAS folders are disabled in Roon. I’ve just confirmed this and even with the folders (all of them defined in settings) disabled the access still occurs. A network dump shows these are the same SMB Client Info Request packets mentioned earlier.

Mike Fass stated…

Does that mean this is a bug then? Was there any output from the additional investigations?

Hello @Michael-W ,

Thank you for the report here and for the PCAP logs. I have been in touch with the team regarding your report, and while we can’t make any promises regarding timelines, we are looking into this behavior. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!