Roon Account - Error retrieving account information (Ubuntu VM)

I have the same issue. Happens after restarting the server with VM (Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS) on FreeNAS.

Settings - Account - Error retrieving account information.

Playback does not work.

From logs:

03/26 16:15:22 Info: Alert: Transport: playback_error_track_start_failed
03/26 16:15:46 Warn: [client/details] failed to load Streaming works for album: Result[Status=Unauthorized]

Any idea? @noris

Restarted roon service manually on VM:

sudo service roonserver stop
sudo service roonserver start

Now it works again. Not sure what’s happening but this issue reproduces continuously and it’s kind of annoying.

Hi @Mykhaylo_Plyasun,

We don’t normally troubleshoot VMs as they sometimes have their own settings which may cause issues with Roon, but what I would suggest for you is to look over the following thread to see if this helps:

@Mykhaylo_Plyasun you aren’t going to want to hear this, but ultimately I gave up with running RoonServer on FreeNAS. Picked up a cheap NUC and it has been plain sailing. I did get it working reasonably reliably, but plugins would always reset, and there may have been other issues periodically.

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