Roon Account Issue (There was an issue loading your database)

Antipodes K50 (Roon 1.8 build 778)

All of a sudden, while doing nothing, the server beeped and Roon logged out. After restarting the server I was greeted with a login window by Roon on Windows (and the same on the iPhone X and iPad Pro 11). Entering my usual Roon login data resulted in a screen that I have never seen before in 5 years: There was an issue loading your database.

I think this is not related to the server hardware but to a Roon account issue since I have another Roon server (Grimm MU1) under a dealer’s Roon account and this one still works fine when operated from the device itself and from the other tablet that is logged in using the dealer’s credentials yet it does not show up as a core that I can select after supplying my own credentials in Roon.

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Hi Christian, same with me. 15 minutes ago. (Also with a K50 :-))

Actually, I just found out that it is not the K50 hardware but likely something account-related. I have another server here along with dealer logins and under that account both the K50 and the other server work just fine. Maybe it’s the same issue for you?

i will activate Roon Server on my Intel NUC and test it. (In the meantime I have used Squeeze Server on the K50 :-))

… wait … now Roon is again up and running on the K50 … Try to restart Roon server on the K50. That helped in my case.

Wow, indeed this fixed it! I already restarted the entire unit earlier to no avail. Meanwhile, the K50 was perfectly fine when accessed from another Roon account but not with my own account. Only now that I have restarted only the Roon Server part of the K50 as per your suggestion, was I able to log in and regain control via my own account. Weird. Now I wonder where the culprit was. Roon or Antipodes? Did your K50 also beep and then automatically restart all by itself earlier today prior to being logged out in Roon?

And, indeed, it’s great that with the K50 we’re not locked into one music playback method:-)

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“Did your K50 also beep and then automatically restart all by itself earlier today prior to being logged out in Roon?” No!

The music stopped . Then the connection to Roon was lost. Internet was OK. Then I put the K50 in standby. Funnily anough I heard no standby beep. Then I restarted the HW, the restart beeps were OK and Roon requested a login. That login was not able any more. Then i startet to look at this community and was happy to see you having the same problem, so it was no HW problem :slight_smile:

Indeed!, And it’s still working. :slight_smile:

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