Roon Account issues (reactivated trial)


I’m trying to login with my Roon account on the website, however it says my email address hasn’t been registered. My Roon application and an PC with saved credentials have been logged in with the same emailaddress/account. What now. Resetting will not help, if my email address is not recognized.

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Hi @Dennis_Mutsaers,

I think there may be an issue with Roon’s account servers at present.
I’ve notified Roon’s @support team to investigate.

Unfortunately there’s little you or I can do until it’s resolved.

UPDATE: I’m able to log in again now … I’ve tried it a couple of times and ok.

@Dennis_Mutsaers, are you able to login now?

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Hi @Carl
That was probably the problem. I can login again without problems.

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