Roon account management


How and where can I manage my Roon account? Typically, I would like to:

  • manage my profile (email, password, picture…)
  • manage my license (trial/annual/life, purchase date, expiration date, renew)
  • manage my equipment list (computer setup, DAC/amplifier, speakers…)

So far, I paid for an annual license but I have no confirmation beside an email from the payment company…

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We’re working on adding some account management tools to the application, but I don’t have a specific timeline yet. Hopefully we’re able to get some of the basic info you’ve mentioned in very soon.

For the moment, if you have any questions about your account, you can email us at contact [at] roonlabs or PM me, and I can look into your account questions, such as license status, renewal date, etc.

As for profile, picture, equipment list, etc, it sounds like you may be talking about this community site, which for the moment uses a separate log from your Roon membership. You should be able to manage your community profile by clicking your avatar in the top right.

Thanks for the question @alphafox!

Hi Mike,

I also feel that this basic date should be shown within the app. As the user will be charged on an annual basis the license type and renewal date should be visable to the user.

I’ve asked about this on 2nd June and received following answer from Danny via email:

We’re now 1 1/2 months later yet this info is still not visible…

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I agree. This will happen, but it’s not as simple as we might like, and we need to do a little bit of work to expose this information in the app. It’s a priority for us, but it’s not quite at the top of the list this month.

We have a few major pieces of work being readied for release right now, including our first round of editing features and our iPad app, which unfortunately have taken a little longer than we hoped. Getting those finished, tested, and released is our priority right now, and you can expect more account management tools to follow after that.

In the meantime, myself and team are standing by to answer any questions, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you need anything guys!


This answers my question.
One account would be awesome :sunglasses: