Roon acting very slow

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

MacMini 2014 I5 8GB, Roon latest build

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Netgear Orbi, wifi

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

MacMini, Primare NP5, iPad Pro 2020

Description Of Issue

Since a few weeks Roon is acting very slow. That slow, that it’s not a pleasure anymore using it. It sometimes takes 30 seconds for a track to start playing, from my library or using Qobuz. Going back to the home section takes the same time.

Nothing has changed on my system, my internet is very, very fast. I’ve tried switching from Roon Server to Roon and back, and swithing on and off Qobuz and my own library.

Please help.


I have the same problem.

If I choose a song, it takes several seconds before it starts playing. During this time, the song timeline swings purple left to right. The weird thing is (in my case), if I choose any other song from any other album within 30 seconds, it plays immediately. But if I let the current song play for more than 30 seconds, the next song I choose takes a while before it starts playing.

Does this also happen in your system?


I recognize that you describe in your first two sentences. If I try to select another song it takes about a minute to show a new album or artist.

power down the machine running core, leave it off for a few minutes and then power it back up.

There is a memory leak in Roon that causes slow performance after it’s been up for a while. I used to reboot my core once a week as a prevention.


Thanks, I’ll try and report back.

Same problem here. I have noticed it is even more slow when it has to change the sample rate.


Same problem here, and often the first track is skipped for timeout. I have this issue since the 783 update.

I’ve tried it immediately, but it didn’t help.

This slowness issue is bugging me to hell now, in the time it took to load an album up from Qobuz, I have managed to load up the forum app on phone, locate this thread, read lastest couple of posts and start typing my response here!! That in anyone’s eyes is far, far to slow.

How are you with using terminal in Mac, you could tail the Roon log to see if it is taking a long time to retrieve the info?

Not 100% where it is on a Mac but the logs are likely to be in Library:

Open terminal and then cd /Library/RoonServer/Logs

Nor try “tail -f RoonServer_Log.txt” (if you type tail -f and then hit the TAB key it should autocomplete the name)

Now try and search and play music, look for GET in the logs and at the end it should say “returned after xxx mS”

same issue


Yep same behaviour here.

Great, I found the log-file using the console. Strange enough Roon is acting fast as lightning at the moment. I keep the console open and see what happens during the day.

Things has gone back to normal: very, very slow. What can I do with these log-files to solve this? And why doesn’t Roon respond?

I see similar behavior here. If I reboot twice per week I’m usually ok, but if I forget for a few days it sometimes slows down. Once slowed down, if I try playing another song from the same album it hangs for 20-30 seconds. If I go to another artist/album and choose a song it usually fires right up.

Does anyone know why Roon doesn’t respond here on his topic?

I dont see support being tagged so tagging it @support any help here for this issue?

I have no way of knowing but I am having the same issue and suspect it may have something to do with my reluctance to install the newest bug filled version of Roon. Just call me suspicious.

Hey @Audiomark,

Thanks a whole lot for reporting this in such detail - I am very sorry it took us this long to react (thanks @CrystalGipsy for tagging us).

I’ve moved this thread into our technical team’s queue. You’ll hear from one of them here.

Thanks yet again for your patience :pray: