Roon acts as if songs are missing

Hello, I have been using Roon on my computer for 2 years now. All of the sudden today, it won’t play any of my songs. When I click on a song within an album, for example, it just quickly scrolls through the list of songs without playing any of them. I have independently verified that these files do indeed exist and are not corrupted, and they are located right where I have Roon looking for them. I can even play them when I use a different media player. For some reason, Roon is simply not recognizing them or something. Does anyone have any thoughts on what may be causing this problem to occur??

As a first try I would restart both your core and audio devices and see if it clears it up, likely something just got it’s knickers in a twist. If this doesn’t work, ensure that the watched folder you set can still be accessed via Roon. Goto the storage section and see if you can connect and navigate.


It might also be worth rebooting the router and any network devices (switches etc).

Ok thanks, I will give that a try!!

What you describe is often caused by Roon losing the connection to the file location. The information is still in your library but Roon can’t play the files because it no longer knows where they’re located. Check your file share and make sure it’s still valid.

What’s really odd is that I can use the Room app on my phone to send the music to my Chromecast and it plays that way just fine! Unfortunately, that is the ONLY way I can listen to music with Room :expressionless:

Damn autocorrect!!! *ROON!!!

If the music plays when sending to a different Roon endpoint (e.g. to a Chromecast device instead of a DAC), then this often indicates a problem with the endpoint, and try restarting your endpoint…

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