Roon ad on Digital Audio Review

Interesting Roon ad here on Digital Audio Review. I like it.


I saw this too…pretty cool.

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Hang on a minute: Roon + Kii ? What’s that doing there? Kii is not currently listed as a Roon Partner on the Roon web site…

@Geoff_Coupe Saw the following on Kii’s Facebook page from last November:
We have allied with our friends at ROON and would like to donate a free 6 Month ROON license to every new customer of a pair of Kii THREEs or Kii CONTROL.

Kii Audio is a big fan and a power user of ROON from day one. We use the software on all our tradeshows and demostrations of the Kii THREEs with big success.

Roon themselves are running Kii THREEs in their premises and are totally thrilled about the reproduction qualities of the Kii THREE.

Thanks for that Michael. I avoid Facebook as much as possible, so I had not seen that. There have been rumours that a new control is in development, and I had hoped that this would turn a pair of Kii threes into a real Roon endpoint, with bi-directional volume control. I’ll wait and see.

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A 6 month Roon sub if you buy a pair of $11,000+ speakers.

Such a deal.:crazy_face:

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Guessing we will see more advertising and positioning coming up now. Roon deciding to cross the chasm :slight_smile: