Roon add automatically albums to my library everyday

How can I eliminate this issue. Every day I have hundreds of new songs/albums at my library that I dont want. It turning me crazy if I dont open it a couple of days I have to delete thousands of songs manually.

That is not a typical behavior. I recommend changing your password to your system/Roon/streaming service


It doesnt work…today I wake up with 111 new songs…will have to cancel my subscription is insane!

Do you have a streaming service (Qobuz or Tidal) integrated into Roon? If so, did you change the password on your streaming service (not your Roon password)?

The symptoms you are seeing are usually a sign that your streaming service account has been hacked, and someone else is setting their favourites in the service, which causes Roon to add them to your library.


oh yes it sounds reasonable. I have roon integrated with Tidal, will change Tidal password and let you know if it works! Thanks! :wink:

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