Roon Addiction hits all time HIGH

Happy 2019 to fellow addicts. I realized today (as I struggle once again to install Roon on my PC) that my love of high end music began in 2016. I have posted 484 times, mostly to ask for help with the basics. Non Roon users complain about the price. I don’t come close to using 1/4 of Roon’s abilities. The price for quality music only from my core PC (not even configured correctly) is worth every cent.

Instead of crying about how little I know or that there is not Roon Guide for Dummies, I am back to the reading the Knowledge Guide from scratch.

The last 2 years have been medically challenging. Back fusion surgery and now my heart decided to join the fun. I am back at cardio rehab.

If I get stuck I will seek assistance. I lost all my music on my NAS do to operator error. I have been downloading my CD’s and back to 1/2 of my previous catalog.

Thank you to Roon support and everyone who have helped since 2016. I am still “HEAR”


Keep going @George_Burrows! I am sorry to hear about your challenges, one day at a time. Tidal is probably your friend if you get bored of ripping. This is a great community, so any bits you don’t understand just put a question up and the community will answer.

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Best wishes for a swift recovery and lot of fun with y(our) Roon addiction.

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Keep reaching out if you need help. I presume you have learned the backups lesson :wink:

After a year, there’s not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new with Roon.

Sorry to hear of your surgery and heart troubles. Been there, got one t-shirt. Heal up.

Best wishes, John

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I’m guessing you are a Brit with the use of “bits”. They are fond of the term “bits and pieces.” Cheers.

I have not heard of back up sessions?

I think he just meant to ALWAYS make back-ups of your files.

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Backup the media. Backup the roon database.