Roon adds Albums from Tidal I don't want that

Roon adds Tidal albums to my collection I don’t want that.

In the Tidal browser (in Roon) I do not see the collections header to stop that.

Hi @August_Harder,

Were these added all at once, or are you continually seeing TIDAL albums being added?

When were these items added? Had you previously used the Collections feature with TIDAL?

The albums are added continually.

It started a month ago.

I did not activate the collection feature. If I go to the tidal page in roon I

I do not see a collection header.

Hi @August_Harder,

Thanks for the clarification here. Roon does not automatically add albums to your TIDAL favorites. This will only happen if you choose the Add To Library option on a track or album.

If you’re seeing favorites added and you’re not manually adding them in TIDAL or Roon, I recommend changing your TIDAL password.

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