Roon adds Qobuz album to my library without my doing?

This is the second time I realize that roon adds several Qobuz album to my library without my doing.
Under recently added there are albums that I don’t know and would have never added on my own.
Anyone experienced the same thing here?

Not something I encountered. And should not happen of course.

Do they also show up in Qobuz native interface as favorites, either as releases or single tracks? Nothing conclusive if they do - anything added either through Roon or in Qobuz ought to be there - but if they don’t it may suggest that something odd has occurred.

Are these albums the most recent additions or randomly interspersed?

If you still suspect Roon misbehaving maybe you want to move this over to the Support category for them have a look?

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It’s possible that your Qobuz account has been hacked. You might want to change the (Qobuz) password.

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Have they show as added to Qobuz if you use the native app?

Thanks for your answer Ozzie

I don’t use the Qobuz interface at all.

They showed under recently added. Otherwise I wouldn’t have realized the fact…

That is rather impossible.
I might change the password anyways, thanks.

I don’t use the native Qobuz App

Log in to their web player app and see if the albums are listed in your qobuz favorites.

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