Roon, after deleting an album it keeps showing

Roon, after deleting an album it keeps showing it

I have deleted an almum from my library, it is also physically deleted from the hard disk, it does not exist. In Roon I have cleaned the library.

I’ve rescanned the library, but the cover and album still appear on Roon as a recent addition. But if you go somewhere and try to play a track, obviously it can’t because it says it doesn’t exist. But if the album is shown, it doesn’t make sense.

I don’t understand why this happens. Please could you help me so that Roon does not show what does not exist.

Thank you very much for the help.

Try rebooting the server to clean things up.

Hello, I have done what you suggested and for the moment it has worked, probably ron server must not update the library.

Thank you very much.

Hi @Juan_Carlos_Martin,

What kind of album were you trying to delete, was this a local library album or an album from Qobuz / TIDAL? If local - where was the media stored, on a NAS or an attached hard drive?

What kind of Roon Core are you using, can you let me know the operating system?

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