Roon aided/artwork completion

As things stand I have 2706 artists and 567 albums in my library for which Roon has no artwork.

Please could consideration be given to adding the ability to open a browser based google search that takes the tedium out of having to manually search for same, much like the current Wikipedia, Facebook etc. links only this one opens a pre-populated google image search in the user’s browser? A simple right-click or long press on a blank cover tile can bring up a Search Google option.


Even better, once a user has filled in an image gap … use it improve the Roon’s metadata.

I’m sure the Roon dev are aware of crowdsourcing techniques that could be employed.

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Copyright issues alert! :grinning:

Nonsense, Roon isn’t doing anything but facilitating a search of what’s already publicly available via any browser.:innocent:

My comment was about the crowdsourcing that Carl alluded to. Sure, I’m sure we all have grabbed images for personal use, but to have a public shareable resource would require some attention to copyright issues, unless you want to condone piracy…:slight_smile:

skip the crowd sourcing then if necessary, sounds like can of worms that cannot be untangled.

Can roon not add more image providers??
I find Plex better at this…and that’s a free app

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+1 from me, a great idea.