Roon/AIR with Devialet and issues

I´ve my Devialet 220Pro back at home with the new Core Infinity.
Something is running wrong, because at the first time, after to put a ethernet cable i managed to find the amp in roon output devices, playing right even when i disconnect the cable, but after that first time i just can llisten with the ethernet cable and falls down without the cable.
There´s some set up to do because i didn´t need the cable before.
Thanks for the comming tips.

Last I heard, we were aware of some issues with the Core Infinity board, and Devialet was aware of these issues too. It’s possible this has been resolved, but I’m going to double check they are still looking into this.

Can you confirm the firmware version you’re running?

Thanks Mike,

Version: 2.1.0 + Firmware 12.1.2
Release date: 01/12/2017


Hi @Rogerio_Boldt, a little confused here. I thought that the Core Infinity software release on 01.12.2017 was:
11.5.18 and DOS 2.1 RC - not too sure where your Version: 2.1.0 + Firmware 12.1.2 comes from? Am I missing something?

Look in your member zone under configuration, 11.5.18 has gone and not even available as previous, 12.1.2 is current firmware and dated 01/12/17, was easy to install, still can’t get my two Pros to work at the same though😞

@Dannythered. Many thanks - missed that one! Currently away from home over Christmas and New Year so won’t be able to try it :disappointed_relieved: Yes it is very frustrating trying to get these Devialets to work properly :face_with_raised_eyebrow: