Roon Airplay to mac and headphones attached not working

I’ve been trying to stream my roon library from my mac mini server to my other mac however it only works if I don’t have my headphones connected and the audio output is the mac’s speakers. Is there any way to let it stream through the headphones attached to the mac that it’s being airplayed to? It’s a wired connection and it’s set as the output everywhere so I don’t see why this shouldn’t work

@Oscar_Mendez, welcome to the Community. Yes, you can set up you other Mac as a Roon Remote and Roon endpoint by installing the Roon software on it, and then connecting it to your Mac mini Roon Server over the network when you open the Roon application on the second Mac. No need for sending AirPlay between the two Macs, and you will have more control on the second Mac using the Roon Remote application, including whether to use its system output for headphones or any other port (e.g., USB) for other connected audio devices, or even AirPlay from the second Mac to another speaker.

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