Roon Album Duplicates

Hello - all of a sudden I am seeing multiple versions of albums in my library. Please see attached example of Goat Heads Soup. I have 2 versions (CD & 24/88). It shows 2 24/88 versions. I have verified that I only have 2 folders in the library. What would make Roon do this? I am seeing many examples of this all of a sudden

Thanks in advance

I’m sure you will be asked to post a shot of your storage settings in roon so might as well do so :grinning:

Thanks @ged_hickman1

Files on a Innuos Zenith MKII

Hi Frank,

If you view both albums, do they both contain all the tracks in the album or does one album have some tracks and the other album have the rest?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg - it’s odd but I’m not seeing the same issues I saw last night. But I did notice my settings are changed. Most of the below were Yes before:

Would that do it? I’m assuming show duplicates would only show actual duplicates though and I would not want to not show different versions of each album

Thank you

Show Duplicates brings the 3 Goat Head Soup’s back/even though I only have 2 folders

Are you using a different Roon Remote? Those settings have to be set on each remote you use.

I don’t think you answered my question. If you click each album, do they both contain all the tracks in the album or does one album have some tracks and the other album have the rest?

Cheers, Greg

Greg, that is not the case. The settings for the Core are the same no matter what remote you use.

Yes. When I looked at both 24/88 versions they were the exactly the same (although only one folder in the library)


Thanks Scott - that is what I thought. Odd that it changed on me

Hi Frank,

Assuming both 24/88 albums show all the tracks in Roon, could you try and play some tracks from each album. Does one album play and the other doesn’t?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Scott,

If you Install a new Roon Remote and connect it to a core, the Settings > General Browsing Preferences will default to No.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg. I guess the settings change is possible on my MAC than since I changed it from a Core to a Remote in the library move to the Innuos.

Re: Goats Head Soup 24/88 duplicates - both versions play

Thanks Frank,

Before we get Support involved, could you try one more thing.

While viewing one of the 24/88 albums, could you click the 3 dots icon next to the first track and then select View File Info. Like this:

I would like to see the track Storage Location and the Path to File. Please post screenshot results of the first track of the 24/88 album. Then repeat for the other 24/88 album.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks for making me do this Greg. I found the issue. I use Goodsync to sync between the Innuos & another backup drive. It saves deletes/changes in a folder which the system is picking up.

Thanks for the help everyone

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