Roon Album Metadata Editor Preferences

I have a question about the way that Roon sees new albums/tracks that are added to a watched library.

I have just migrated my music library from my PC to a synology NAS. I also migrated my Roon core from the PC to a new SonicTransporter i5. It took a few days of reading through FAQs and the Roon community forums, but it is mostly all working (phew). One annoyance is that when I view my library by “date added” my albums are shown by the date/time that they were migrated and rescanned at the new location. I like to be able to see my most recently acquired (purchased) albums at the head of the list since I find that I frequently want to play them (at least for a while). Going forward, I realize that when I add a new album to my library it will show up at the head of the list. However, it seems that the acquisition history of previous purchases/rips is lost when you migrate a library.

Under Edit, I found the Roon Metadata Preferences and there are options to change the way that Roon records the “import date” of tracks in an album. I played around with these settings but didn’t see any differences in the order in which the album was listed. I feel I am not understanding what the metadata preferences are doing; I read a couple of topics where the metadata preferences settings were discussed but I still don’t quite get it.

SonicTransporter i5
Synology NAS (DS212j)
Windows 10 pro PC
Roon (latest version)


Did you backup and restore the roon database as part of the migration?

Yes, I backup up my database and used that to restore to the sonictransporter. The music library was backed up to ext USB drive and I used that to copy to the NAS so the structure was the same. I do realize that Windows keeps changing file modified and file created information whenever a folder is simply just accessed. Maybe that is the problem.

Yep, if you did a ‘copy’ to the new location, then you will find the files have that new date associated with them. There’s really nothing Roon can do about that.

When I want to copy to a new location, I use a syncing program. That will preserve the original dates.

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Thanks for that suggestion. I will try implementing it.