Roon album sharing review no longer available [Fixed]

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Not sure that matters. I’m wondering if the decision to remove album reviews from the sharing options was deliberate. I can’t find it in any release notes, and I’ve not seen anyone else report it as a problem. I don’t use it much, and I’m asking more out of curiosity. This is the same on all remote endpoints (Windows, Android and iOS).

I’ve moved this to the #roon category, but I’ve flagged your question to the QA team…

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Ah, I thought I did something wrong. Yes, when I share an album via imgur (or any way, but that’s how I share), I no longer have the opportunity to share the review. Didn’t know if that was a licensing issue (eg, Wikipedia doesn’t allow redistribution even of fragments) or a bug. Thanks for rasing.

They haven’t fixed the ability to add your own notes on iOS which has been broken for a while now. So I would say this is a bug.

The abililty to “share” the album review was very important to me. Whenever I listened to an album for the first time I would “share” it, i.e. save the image to my camera roll, with some comments and the album review. That fragment of the album review provided an important context for the album. And that is how I kept track of what albums I had listened to so having that functionality diminished is really very irritating. Please bring that feature back.

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I have the same problem for about a week now, no more reviews in the sharing options.

Hi All,

Thanks for the reports here. This is a bug, the sharing review feature shouldn’t have been removed. The QA team has put in a ticket regarding the issue, thanks again for bringing this to our attention!

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Hi everyone,

Reopening this ticket with good news - this issue has been resolved over the last several Roon builds.

Please reach out here if you’re still encountering issues with the review-sharing feature. Thank you!