Roon "all in one" solution?

Might there be some sort of a player coming from one of the hardware partners that combines the server and output side into one component? Or is this currently only centered around RAAT?

Now you need several seperate components to complete/optimize the roon eco system. I am looking to cut down/defragment the components involved.

I share your desire. Reduce the box count, eliminate both setup and failure points. But it depends on how close you want to get to the “output”. A real boom box style device would include speakers, I know of no such solution at this point.

I like amplified speakers, eliminates the external amplifier, so the “output” is an analog signal. And I like digital amplified speakers, eliminates the external DAC, so the “output” is a digital signal. And in that case, Roon on a NUC can be set up as a self-contained source with a USB output into the speakers.

But then things became more complex, needed a preamp kind of box to control the speakers, and a headphone box…

I’m looking to set up another place, will try again to reduce box count. But again, it depends on what input the speakers want. Speakers always run the show.

Already exists:

And more are coming.


Would already be happy with something like an Aries or Linn type streamer that also runs roon server. Foremost I want to get rid of the PC that is running roon server. Theretically you can achieve this by a NUC or similar, but these are not optimized for audio use.

Granted, totally useless comment, but would be nice to have serious brandname in my rack, come on McIntosh, Aurender, that runs roon i.o. Intel and friends.

A DAC I would like to keep seperate due to own choice.

OK, I should have done my homework a bit better. This is my attempt to catch-up a bit.

As far as I could find out there is currently only one device that kinda does what I meant and that is the SOTM 1000WE.

The ELAC does have too much features missing that are available in the regular roon version (I am already a life time subscriber)

But doing your “homework” got me thinking.

The major brands I was hinting at will probably never release something as the SOTM or ELAC. I realize that this is not their business (PC based audio). They will leave this to roon, which is perfect (do what you are best in).

Which brings me to my next conclusion. To cut down on devices, the best solution is to run roon server on the same machine as where the music is stored, either a PC or NAS (in the future)? Then from this machine connect throughout the house with small rendering devices as the Pi or Sonore?

Will the roon ready/tested devices emulate the function of the Pi or Sonore? Potentially cutting out another device?

As for a device with speakers, like a Sonos or Bluesound. Not something I was looking for but could see this in the bedroom or kitchen.

Probably I am writing down stuff that to some of you is old news, but trying to get my head around all possibilities. Please also add or correct if I am missing something.

Hi Rob,

I think you have it about right.

Roon server running on the NAS where the audio files are stored is my end game too.

What goes with this is the acceptance that the NAS needs enough performance, Intel i3 with 8-16GB RAM is perhaps the minimum spec.

That’s reasonable, but I have made an opposite choice: I have a standalone Roon box with internal SSD storage so music playing does not depend on the NAS. My goal was the simplicity of a 1970s FM tuner. There is a NAS but it is a backup device only.