Roon always stop playing music after 30 minutes

My original setting is NAS -> intel nuc (Roon rock) -> switch -> i7-10700 (HQP) -> NAA -> DAC

Same situation :frowning:

I may give up AudioLinux and HQP embedded later. Install Windows 10 with HQP desktop may be a better choice for me

The signal path image

May I upload Roon logs for investigation?

How about trying HQPlayer OS?

Where can I download HQP OS?

Here, follow the “Download and installation instructions” link. There see “Dowloading and configuring bootable image”.

You need to extract the 7-Zip archive and then write the .img file for example to a USB memory stick using Etcher or similar. And then you can just boot from the media. When it ends up on login prompt it is ready for use.

Hi Jussi,

I cannot find your said link into the web. Please advice.

On left side of HQPlayer page go to custom click on that.Go down to bottom of page click on Download and installation instructions.Go to Downloading and configuring bootable image follow instructions

Got it, thanks a lot!

Hi Jussi,

I may find this situation related to license.
Today I reinstalled AudioLinux and make Roon and HQP coexisting on same computer. When I finished to configure the computer and reboot. HQP show fingerprint changed! I didn’t have any hardware / device drive / configuration changed!

How can I make HQP stick on one license xml file? It is very annoying problem :frowning:

So reinstalled HQPlayer on orginal PC not diiferent.

Fresh installation of Roon and HQP coexist on same computer still has this problem.

  • 2021/01/20 15:22:59 NAA output network engine started at: 384000

2021/01/20 15:53:14 clStreamReaderHTTP::Execute(): clStreamReaderHTTP::Execute(): read timeout

2021/01/20 15:53:19 End of track
& 2021/01/20 15:53:19 Next
2021/01/20 15:53:19 Idle request

“End of track” is not a real “end of track” but HQP refuse to accept control from Roon and stop playing music after 30 minutes sharply.

Try HQPlayer by itself without Roon see what happens

The HQPlayer Embedded license is tied to a particular computer. Are you running HQPlayer on the the computer for which the license was originally generated?

Yes of course

I thought you were going to try HQPlayer OS as suggested by Jussi

Yes there is, just click the “Here” word… :wink:

Seems to be typical behavior for AudioLinux, but I don’t know why.

If the license key is in trial mode, that will happen. But not with “read timeout” error which is something else.

Do you believe it? I eventually find the root cause! Roon & HQP can play music non-stop! This card make the communication abnormally even it has not connected to network.

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Glad you figured it out