Roon: an audio file is loading slowly

I occasionally get this message when playing dsd128. Is this a nas issue or roon server issue?

When I get the message. Roon automatically skips to the next song and starts playing

The same here. But steady. I’m playing around with roon for about two month and never could play a file with higher resolution than 24/96. And even this files tend to stutter, distort and stop. Roonserver is running on a i7 NUC (16GB Ram, ArchLinux), audiofiles delivered by a Synology 1010+ (SMB 3 enabled), Roonendpoint is a Raspberry Pi3 with IQAudIO DAC+ (Raspbian Jessie Lite + roonbridge, was IQRoon RC3 -makes no difference). RoonRemote with iPhone and Macbook connected wireless to the Network. All other devices are hard wired (roonserver to roonbridge over AVM FRITZ! Powerline 520E (theoretically 500 Mbit/s in real life 20-100 Mbit/s). I think it’s a Network issue, but I’m getting tired researching. I really like the idea and concept of roon (for me a perfect way accessing and exploring music - that’s why I’m a lifetime subscriber) but on the other side since roon I’m spending most of my free time struggling with technical issues. Before roon I’ve played my music over the same Network from the DS directly to my Musical Fidelity M1click in all resolutions without problems.

Can’t be Network issue. My service is fiber running at 300 mbps up and 300 mbps down with no data caps. I do speed tests regularly on it and I hit right around 302. No network issues. Wondering if that message indicates a Roon Server issue (Mac Mini) or NAS issue Synology.

[quote=“Fritz_Curtis, post:4, topic:10164”]
My service is fiber
[/quote]Hi, that will be your WAN (Wide Area Network) ISP connection the LAN. 300 mbs is cool.

However, when streaming local files it’s the LAN Local Area Network that’s important. Hardwired gigabyte is more than enough … However, if WiFi and HomePlugs are used the effective thoughput and more importantly consistent latency can be significantly compromised.

That said it’s not just the LAN the whole end-to-end chain is only as good as weakest link. It might be for example the NAS can’t always maintain a steady data stream to the the NUC.

The easiest way to diagnose is to swap out units.
So for example, as a test try putting a selection of audio files on a USB drive and plug it in to the NUC. Then get Roon to play them.

Hope that helps a little.

The problem solved for me and in my case it was a network issue. I replaced the powerline connection with a 30 meter log network cable through three rooms and actually I’m enjoying my music up to 24/192. (still no DSD playback) I can’t close the doors anymore and it looks awful but it sounds great.

Problem for me was Mac mini not running as dedicated server. I upgraded to sonic transporter from small green computer and within 5 minutes problem solved. This is a dedicated roon server with no other software on it. Way faster response than my Mac mini. No drop outs on dsd playback now.

Hi Fritz - what were your mac mini specs? I"m having the same problem with my Mini.

Problem was Mac mini. I bought sonic transport and have not had an issue. My Mac mini was maxed out with 32gb of ram and 2tb of ssd. Standalone device is much better. Sonic transport is way to go.