Roon and 176.4/24 album on NAS

This is probably not a Roon problem, but I know a lot of smart people hang out here, so I will ask. My music is stored on a WD MyCloud NAS, and 99.9% is FLAC 44.1/16 bit format and plays back perfectly using wifi. But I downloaded a 176.4/24 bit album, stored it on the NAS, and playback (from remote) was terrible. So I pointed Roon to the same album on the computer I downloaded it to (which is also my Roon server) and it played back fine, again from the remote.

So what is going on? Does playing files from NAS degrade all playback, and I just can’t hear it? Do I need a better NAS? A better wifi setup? Should I store all files on the hard dive for optimum performance?



The key difference is that the HD track needs circa 6 times the bandwidth to stream it.

The most likely culprit is your WIFi not the NAS.

Is both your NAS and the computer running Roon Server hard wired to your LAN?

If not, I recommend doing so.

Can you give more details on how all the kit is connected including : router, switches, wifi access points et al

I am not sure I know enough to answer these questions, but I can describe my set-up anyway:

Wifi comes into the house on an ATT-supplied 2WIRE128 modem. I am not sure of the details of my plan but I could find out. The NAS is connected by Ethernet cable to the modem. The NAS just has the flac files stored on it, it is not running Roon Server. Both the main Roon laptop and the remote are in the back part of the house, connected to the network by wifi. I use a wifi extender back there.

Apparently the remote is ok with taking the 176.4/24 info off of the primary Roon laptop using wifi (the remote and the primary are in close proximity, if that matters) but fails to get a good stream from the NAS (which is a couple of rooms and thick plaster walls away.)


The Remote just sends control signals back and forth, WiFi is fine for that. The Core, however, has to pull the audio file from the NAS through the 2wire modem and an extender by 802.11g WiFi. That may be fine for 44.1 kHz but is a struggle for hi-res. As Carl said you should connect the Core by Ethernet to the modem that your NAS is on but if that is impossible, then upgrade to 802.11ac WiFi if you have to be wireless between the NAS and the Core.

Edit: Assuming that you are using a non-network zone connected to the Core, then the audio stream has no WiFi path when playing hi-res files stored on the Core, which is why it sounded fine.

[quote=“andybob, post:4, topic:4548”]
non-network zone connected to the Core
[/quote] What is that?

The extender is a Netgear device that plugs into the electrical outlet, it does have an 802.11ac option (5G) so I will try that. I use the core for other stuff besides Roon, so it wouldn’t work too good to leave it cabled up to the modem.

But I am not married to the NAS. I have 700-800 cds and a few hi-res albums, but adding more all the time I could keep it all on a decent size hard drive if that works/sounds better.

Actually, my remote can see the 802.11ac option but my (old, cheap HP) core device and only see the 802.11n and 802.11g options.

Roon currently supports two types of network zones, AirPlay and Meridian. An audio stream can be directed to AirPlay or Meridian endpoints over Ethernet or WiFi. More network zones are coming. Non-network zones are endpoints that use another type of connection, eg Toslink, USB, spdif coaxial etc.

If you can’t connect the Core to the modem by Ethernet and want to keep your current topology, then I’d suggest upgrading the modem to one that supports 802.11ac. The modem is transmitting to your extender, so that link will still be 802.11g even if you enable 802.11ac on the extender.

Alternatively, you could connect the NAS to the extender by Ethernet and enable 802.11ac on the extender. An Ethernet connection to the Core from the extender would be the best, but 802.11ac should suffice.

Thanks. I’ll look into a modem upgrade. And the workaround is pretty easy until my hi-res collection gets a lot larger.