Roon and a Naim Unitiqute or SuperUniti

I’ve got a chance to get a Naim Unitiqute for a good price, but I’m unclear about whether I could use this with Roon. At present I run Roon on a MacBook Pro using an Apogee Duet as a DAC, but need to replace the Duet. Is anybody using a Unitiqute (or SuperUniti) with Roon and if so how do I connect the two?

Instead of USB, you plug your mac into the Unitiqute via red/white analog or digital coax or toslink. At this point in time, Roon cannot send an audio stream straight to the Unitiqute via Ethernet or Wireless. In order for that to happen, the software would have to exist in the Unitiqute and it doesn’t. Currently, the only network endpoints are Meridian or AppleTalk. Roon has been in discussions with manufacturers, not sure if Naim is one of them.

Thanks Daniel - I always forget about the Mac’s optical out. Would toslink give me the highest quality or doesn’t it matter? I think I remember from another post that Roon are talking to Naim, so fingers crossed for the future.

If you have both Toslink or Coax I’d go Coax simply because toslink can be “flakey” at 24/192. If you go toslink double check the input and output ratings of the Toslink connectors on the mac and the Dac. Also, toslink cables are iffy some can work at the higher resolution, some don’t - so I’d have another on hand to try if there is an issue. A lot of toslink connectors/cables are only rated at 24/96. Toslink can do 24/192 (I have a toslink cable supporting that resoltuion from my windows box to a NAD DAC) but that varies so much that most manufacturers just say it is limited to 24/96 to avoid the support calls.

Thanks Daniel, that’s really helpful. I hope to get the Naim in about a week so can start experimenting.