ROON and adding airpods pro

Roon Server Machine

mac mini 2021 m1 using wifi and bluetooth have 16GB RAM on the Mac

Networking Gear & Setup Details

no VPN use both ethernet mostly wifi spectrum advanced router and wifi with apple wifi

Connected Audio Devices

USB schiit yggdrasil DAC and explorer 2 DAC for MQA

Number of Tracks in Library

how can I add my new airpod pro 2nd generation it doesn’t show up on that AUDIO page where my DACs are but a drop down box says I am connected
sometimes i get music from airpods other times it says it is coming from macmini speakers sometimes the bright blue star says enhanced or low grade green icon and airpods work or don’t–never consistent or the same
BTW this doesn’t happen with Audirvana Studio it immediately recognizes my airpods as source output but i can’t really adjust the volume whereas ROON does let me adjust the volume
thanks bobbmd

Hi @bobbmd,

I use this arrangement regularly with AirPods Pro and AirPods Max as well. Since your Roon Server is a Mac Mini, I assume that is the device that you wish to connect your AirPods to. To do so, in Roon select Settings > Audio and enable System Output as shown here:

After that, all audio for that Audio device in Roon will go to whichever audio output you select from the Mac sound output (upper right corner settings icon) as follows:

This is assuming you are on macOS Sonoma.

Hope this helps!

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@ExUnoPlura Thank you so much! When playing around with ROON & my AirPod I DID exactly that and it worked with Mac mini system in my zone but only played “high quality” not ‘enhanced’ but SQ was great the problem was I kept changing between that and my Schiit Yggdrasil and the explorer 2 so I didn’t go back if it continues to as you say thanks again— will follow your instructions tomorrow. And BTW the SQ is great to these older ears almost better than through my Legacy Audio HD Studio Monitors AND I can listen to my Americana Folk Country ‘Whinny Music’ my CFO hates blasting through the house! Thanks again


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