Roon and Amarra SQ / 3.0 etc


I use Amarra SQ+ when streaming Tidal and Amarra 3.0 when playing Hi-res files

Does Roon play nice with Amarra and can I configure Roon to use Amarra?

OR does Roon improve file & streaming sound to the same extent?

Cheers Robert

Eighteen days and no answer?

Inquiring minds want to know.

As far as I can figure, you can’t use Roon to control Amarra. However, you can have both coexist on the same computer and use either/or. If you prefer the sound of Amarra, then use that for hi-res listening, and if you are in explore mode, use Roon.

Thanks Cemil. Loving Roon discovery, will have to try a head-to-head at some point but Roon sounds pretty good anyway.

Is sonicstream not available as a local output in the roon audio settings?

Hi gecko. I could not get that to work. Love to know if someone has?

Any Roon people here?

Couldnt get it to work. Just made everything hang…OSX

I couldn’t get it to work by selecting “Sonicstream” in Settings/Audio, but if I choose “System Output” and have Sonicstream selected in OSX System Preferences then it works.

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I am using the same settings, however, the sample rate is not getting set automatically. Are you experiencing the same issue?

Hello Robert,

The answer is YES, for roon and AsQ+2.2wiRC or without iRC. But, you need to know a few settings. I am not sure what the protocol is for referring members of roon to another forum, specifically, where I am a member. I am a roon lifetime member and a volunteer beta tester for Sonic Studio since 2011 (as an enthusiast). My reason for mentioning the foregoing is that I curate several threads at CA and one of them is an AsQ+with iRC thread, where I address specifically how to setup roon and AsQ+ to play nicely, which they do. If I am violating any protocols, it is not my intention. If you should choose to visit – nevermind – I’ll just copy the salient steps to take and post here, which seems appropriate. To be continued…

Hello Robert:

The following is accurate. The SRC issue has been solved with the latest build for AsQ+2.2wiRC. So disregard the caveat, step 7, which for some reason didn’t format in the same way as 1-6, which I wrote about sample rate changes which now work in AsQ+.

Hope this helps you. And that I haven’t broken any protocols at roon where I am very happy to be a lifetime member (very happy!)

For those of you who are having trouble getting sound or getting AsQ+2.2wiRC to play nicely, please take notice:

  1. Launch roon and set the Zone in roon to Sonic Stream.
  2. Uncheck Exclusive Mode if checked for Zone Sonic Stream in Audio Preference Tab. Also,
  3. Uncheck Exclusive mode for any other Zone/device where one has checked Exclusive mode. This includes your Dac and other devices that allow for Exclusive Mode to be set. This is on advice from Amarra Support.
  4. Launch AsQ+2.2/with iRC if you have enabled iRC enabled. Or if you have activated your iRC license do so and add your iRC filters or create them.
  5. Click on the gears in the lower left corner of the AsQ+ UI and set the OUTPUT to your Dac, (NOT Sonic Stream), in my case, W4S Dac2 DSDse.
  6. Set the input to Sonic Stream
    7 For the time being, and this is important, in the same section of the UI for OUTPUT RESOLUTION insure that the correct frequency/resolution of the album or track(s) selected conforms to the setting, e.g., 44/48/88.2/96 etc. up to 192.The first time, the correct resolution should be selected by AsQ+. However, if and when that resolution changes, and you hear distorted playback, that signals that the SRC did not change to the SRC in use if different from the former resolution.

Hello Richard,

Thank you for your response. I followed your procedure precisely, however, the sample rate still does not get switched. As long as I manually set the sample rate in AsQ+ it plays, although SQ not as good as iTunes with Amarra Symphony with iRC. I’ve decided to download Dirac and see how that goes with Roon.


Hello Robert,

May I ask, please, what is the build you are employing for AsQ+2.2? I posted these instructions at my thread devoted to AsQ+with iRC at CA, and the responses confirmed the accuracy of my tests. BUT, and forgive me as I am dealing with beta builds and different spaced interims between results and builds.

I regret that I may have misinformed you into believing the present build for AsQ+2.2 is the one I am using for corrected SRC changing reliably. I copied my post at my thread, and reviewing that post today realize that my post was intended to help CA members who could not get sound from AsQ+2.2 with roon. So the steps I provided were intended for only to help others setup roon so that AsQ+2.2 will play audibly. Those steps were NOT intended to insure SRC reliably change. Apologies for creating unnecessary confusion. That is my doing.

So, let me know what build of AsQ+2.2 you are employing, if you care to.

Mea culpa,


The best intentions of mice and men are sometimes overrated (smile)

Hi Richard,
I am using AsQ+2.2.2240, so build 2240 I assume.

Dear ALL,

To eliminate any confusion I inadvertently caused, please take notice that the seven steps I provided in my response to Robert’s original post in this thread (above) are accurate INCLUDING step 7, which I mistakenly identified as no longer applicable. This is temporarily the state of AsQ+2.2 with IRC (with or without iRC) until such time as Sonic Studio releases a build with automatic SRC. To be clear and in other words, SRC must be manually adjusted for the time being unless or until the present build is updated. When that occurs, there will “joy” re SRC.

Thank you for your attention. Any problems roon may have with my posts, please accept my apologies in advance and delete if necessary. Otherwise, my outcome was to help roon members.


Hello Robert,

Thank you for your response. I just checked at Sonic Studio/Support/Download/AsQ+2.2, and the latest published build is 2240. You have the latest build; and, therefore, my seven steps are accurate for those who encountered difficulty getting sound from AsQ+2.2 when employed with roon. Step seven (7) is still applicable for the present build. I am not privy to when a future build will be released. And I have overstepped my boundaries as a beta tester, so for all those who might contact Sonic Studio with complaints, I’ll take the heat for the error. They don’t scold me, actually, but I don’t have to make mistakes that cause others discomfort.

Hope this clears up the mess I made.


Hi Richard,
I really appreciate your efforts in attempting to help, thank you. As they say here in The Bahamas “No Problem Mon”.

Appreciation works both ways (smile).

Dear All:

Good news. Sonic Studio released a new build for AsQ+ with iRC, build 2255. If you recall I indicated that SRC required manual adjustment. That is no longer required. SRC is done automatically. Furthermore, in AsQ+'s UI under settings, during beta builds, even when roon plays the correct SR, the UI for AsQ+ did not reflect accurately the changes in SR although, AsQ+ played the correct SR. For example if roon played a 96/24 track and then one started a 192/24 track, the UI would still display 96. Now I am told by Sonic Studio this has been cured.

roon does an excellent job of playing TIDAL/HIFI. Add AsQ+ and one is provided with several enhancements for EQ including 13 filters and 4-band parametric EQ in addition to other features including Audio Control. Given that AsQ+ now allows for iRC (license required) one can add that feature and have even further improvements to SQ, e.g., impulse response correction (time and frequency). Or one can employ roon with Dirac Live. Options one chooses at one’s discretion that takes roon which is marvelous to begin with to even a more enhanced SQ and control of room acoustics, etc.

There’s more to come for AsQ+, but I am not able to disclose at this time. And I hope my post does not violate roon’s protocols. For those who desire DSP/EQ etc. roon generously allows for a match with AsQ+ and in time, perhaps, HQPlayer integration.

roon just keeps getting better and providing an fertile application for enhancement and thus our enjoyment of music. I realize I am stating the obvious but the obvious is a delight and we are the beneficiaries whatever level of membership we have chosen.

Enjoy the music,

Thanks for the setup steps, REShaman!

I just started an evaluation of Amarra SQ+ and am running into an issue after going through these steps. I have set Roon to output to Soundtream, and SQ+ to output to my Dragonfly. Audio does play, and I am able to control gain from SQ+. But, the audio quality is “high quality” in Roon rather than bit perfect. The only source along the audio path that is not bit perfect is the OS output. Have any of you ran into this? Recommended fixes?