Roon and Apple TV 4--album art display problem

Roon 1.1 (build 69) core running on iMac, streaming TIDAL playlist over wireless to Apple TV 4 (new version). Apple TV displays first track and cover art on my Samsung TV, but the cover art does not change when the second track begins. From that point on, the cover art does change with each successive track but the art lags one track behind the track currently playing. Does this sound like an ATV, a TIDAL or a Roon issue? There is no such issue when I play tracks via ATV from my library.


etc. It’s not for music.

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I’m finding that the Apple TV 4 sounds better than the Apple TV 3, in my setup. Toslink would make it easier to integrate into a typical audiophile setup. I’m running HDMI from my ATV4 to my TV and then the Toslink output of my TV to my Auralic VEGA DAC. I know audiophile orthodoxy says this should be garbage, but it actually sounds very good. That said, I still prefer going from my Mac directly to my DAC over USB when I’m sitting and really listening. However, for music while doing dishes/chores or visiting with friends, I find the ATV very convenient.

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