Roon and Apple TV issues

I have been having trouble with Roon and Apple TV and appentv 4K forever. Now running tvOS 16.0.

It took me forever to pair Roon with Apple TV. The only way I can do it is to change allow access by requiring password. If I allow access to everyone with no password then it requires the 4 digit passcode and when I input it n the Room audio setting for Apple TV it say that the passcode is not accepted.

So I am able to use Roon with Apple TV only if I change the access to requiring a password.

Now the next problem is using Apple TV as a Roon dispaly. Roon allows me to select chrome cast as a display but does not give me as an option for Apple TV.

I tried copying the web link display on safari but it just shows a generic Roon display not the song that is playing on appplentv and there is not safari option to send it to Apple TV. When I try to mirror the phone then the music stops playing.

I have gone through the community articles but have to found a solution. Please help!


Roon doesn’t currently work well for display on Apple TV.
However there is an app on the App Store called TV:Remote that works nicely.

Hi @Ravi_Srivastava,

Were you able to try the steps that @Placebophile suggested?

I have had this exact issue and @Placebophile’s steps are the right ones to get this working again. It’s all due to a change in AirPlay2.


Yes. It worked. You have to make the Apple TV not to be available to everyone for it to work so that you can type in the code.


I’m so glad to hear but I bet you are too!

Enjoy the music,

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