Roon and AppleTV AirPlay requires password

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 20H2 i5-11400, 16Gb RAM, 250Gb NVMe OS drive, 5Tb USB Media

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus router AX-58, hardwired

Connected Audio Devices

Apple TV 4K

Number of Tracks in Library

150K tracks

Description of Issue

Cannot enable my Apple TV as an audio endpoint, Roon persists in demanding a password, but my Apple TV is set to AirPlay - No password needed.
I did follow some old advise to enable a password on the ATV and set up the endpoint that way. But i don’t want to password protect AirPlay on this device, so it makes no sense for Roon to demand that i do?

I moved my new server and as such it was powered down. After startup i went through some other settings and happened to try AppleTV AirPlay again. But this time a pincode was presented on the AppleTV screen output when establishing an Airplay Session. (To the dismay of the missus who was watching the telly) Roon was happy with this four digit code, and it seems it’s working.
Strange, i havent seen this before?

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