Roon and ARC: Differences in content and Description

I noticed discrepancies in the number of compositions (recordings) between Roon App and ARC App: for example under Mozart Requiem entry one can find 124 compositions in Roon Remote and just 11 in ARC.

Please correct that.

Thanks and Regards

Fernando Machado

Some screenshots would help see what you mean

That’s just what I described:

  1. Search for Mozart/compositions tab
  2. Select a composition in the list.

As an example I chose Requiem; through ARC 11 recordings appear; through Roon Remote 124 (now 125) show up.
I don’t think any images are necessary.

If you need them to understand, here they are:

On ARC, scroll down on the screen you posted… do you see more than 11 recordings listed?

On ARC the initial figure shows recordings in your library, on the remote, it shows all recordings available. Scrolling down shows the same in each.

I don’t know why the default is different in each.

I see recordings, but I didn’t count them.

I understand it should show the same im both applications.

I quickly checked a composition, and I saw a discrepancy, too, yet the recordings seemed to be listed. This could be a bug, so I’d like some examples.

I’ve already shown them.

Not solved yet

I’ve moved the thread to #feedback. If Roon staff confirm this is a bug, it will go on the backlog and be prioritized accordingly.

No developments so far…

Any news on the discrepancy on counting of compositions?