Roon and Astell & Kern integration

Supposedly it’s in the works.

When is this going to happen?

The best people to ask are A&K. The process will only go as fast as they do if it is actually happening.

They told me that it’s in Roon’s hand now and it will take them 6-8 weeks to approve Astell & Kern. That was on December.

I’m looking forward to this…

Any ideas on the integration? Is it going to be a remote/endpoint and is roon able to see and play files from the sd-card? Will these be added to library?

I asked a representative at and he told me it’s in the works. A&K mentioned an integration with roon on their website for the end of 2018 but nothing came out yet.

So I don’t really know the details but waiting patiently…

Waiting for this myself (SR15 owner). If I had to bet, I think it’s just going to be sideloading the Android app, so just an endpoint/control like a smartphone.

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