Roon and Beets configuration

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Your post is a bit older, but I have a question.
Are you still using Beets and if so, do you have a special configuration for Roon? Or at best, do you have your configuration published somewhere?
I’m currently tinkering with Beets because I want to automate the import process of new files. The whole thing of course paired with a maximum of metadata, lyrics, artwork, etc.
I’m quite happy with the result of my configuration (I’m still pretty much at the beginning), but maybe there are still some interesting details.

Yes i am still using beets :slight_smile:

Special to roon, no, but that wasn’t my goal, as I use beets to manage my collection for any device or system, as well as portable devices.

I use a number of plugins for my needs including the Acoustic fingerprinting, fetching missing artwork etc, all the plugins are here → Beets Plugins and its a matter of choosing and configuring the ones you want to use for your needs.

I am a lifetime member but only use roon a few percent of the time and beets allows me a lot of flexibility which seems to work well for the systems I use the most.

My basis was the better beets can tag the files the more chance roon has of identifying them in the same way :slight_smile:

Any specifics I can help with let me know and if I use the plugin and am happy to share my experiences with it.

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Thank you very much for your detailed answer.

I just thought I’d ask in case there might be some interesting settings that Roon could benefit from.

Currently I use MusicBrainz Picard and Songkong (yes both, in that order). Picard, for example, is able to download song lyrics and entire booklets, which Songkong cannot do, as far as I know. Songkong, however, then again writes somewhat more Roon-friendly tags. Since this process is somewhat complex and time-consuming, I’m currently trying to rebuild and automate it with Beets, so that I don’t have to intervene manually as much as possible.
It won’t be possible to do everything with Beets that is possible with the two programs mentioned above, but at least it’s an attempt.

If you are interested in my Beets configuration, you can find it on Github. I’m pretty much at the beginning though and some of the stuff in the configuration file doesn’t work yet.

That’s exactly why I’m doing this to myself. And to add additional data to the data provided by Roon.

Thanks a lot for the offer. I mostly try to muddle through myself, but maybe I’ll come back to it.

Looking at your config, you have just about everything configured already :slight_smile:

Just kidding but you do seem to have a comprehensive config there.

I use arch but use this docker linuxserver/beets:nightly for my setup.

I have previously used MusicBrainz Picard myself, but found beets could do what it could do and more, although it was a while ago I did that compare.

It was Picard that drew me to beets as it can do the fingerprinting i wanted.

Not used song kong but beets is very extensible, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it could match what you have with them both.

As far as tweaks to benefit roon, I really cannot help you with that one, as roon is not the focus for me, but rather having clean information rich tags from beets ‘should’ get matched better by roon in theory.

I have just pushed an update. No new features, only the information somewhat rebuilt and expanded.

Yes, I think the basis stands, but there is certainly still much room for optimization. Let’s see what is still possible.

Sounds good :slight_smile:

All I would say, which I am sure you know, is test the outputs, formats and dir structures and only when you are happy convert everything :slight_smile: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You also have quite a few running on auto which means your imports of music might be slower depending on your machine speed etc.

Some tasks are better left for after the music is imported so you can listen to the music while the additional data and analysis occurs.

Some of the plugins modify the tags in the music file and not everything works with everything if you know what I mean.

Have you tried giving roon some of your beets tagged files?

Of course, the whole thing is currently running with a test library with quite few files. I am still far from approaching my main library.

I am currently still experimenting a lot, especially what is useful and what is not. And yes, there might be a lot of things running automatically that might not make sense. But as mentioned before, I wanted to automate as much as possible to avoid as much work as possible with adding new files.

I just started using Beets last week and still have a lot to learn.

So far I haven’t fed Roon with the files tagged by Beets, because they still lag my previous work process with Picard and Songkong. So rather worse than better.

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I have a ROCK server running and Beets runs on an other machine. So this shouldn’t be a problem.

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Sounds good and for sure you’ll be able to get a minimal touch setup where you push the purchased music in and nicely formatted files come out of the end :slight_smile:

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