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Hello, I bought a Bluesoud node production 2021, I have a subscription to Qobuz and a Roon. I downloaded the Roon APP on my Iphone 11 with updated firmware but I can’t connect to Bluesound. I followed Roon’s directions to no avail, he can’t find Bluesound. Can you help me . Thank you, Silvano Gechelin

You need a machine running a Roon Core.

The Bluesound is just a Roon Ready output device and the Roon app on your iPhone is just a Roon control app (that can also double as an audio output device). You still need a Roon Core running on a PC, Mac, NUC or NAS.


You were quicker than than me :+1:t2:

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with the subscription to ROON I wasted money for nothing. It doesn’t work on Nas Qnap or Mac i7. I use Qobuz. Amen

Do you have a subscription for Roon, and you are saying that the Roon subscription does not work on a Mac or the QNAP NAS? If so, then @support may be able to assist you.

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Hey @Silvano_Gechelin,

We’re so sorry to hear what your experience with Roon has been so far… :pensive:

Could you please tell us more about what was the exact issue when trying to install Roon on either the QNAP or Mac?

Many thanks :relieved:

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