ROON and BluOS compatibility and interaction

I see there were a few posts in this direction - but 4 or 5 years ago.
I have 2 BluOS nodes and also a NAD T758 on BluOS … I use the BluOS controller still for its alarm functions and general internet radio - for this I often have the two Buesound Nodes grouped together.
Could it not be possible that ROON could override the BluOS groupings when I start up ROON? That would be really quite helpful instead of having to go back into the BluOS app and ungroup the Bluesound Nodes in order to get back full control of them individually in ROON (at the moment I can control only one and the other just shows as unavailable although it “tags along” with whatever I do with the main Node in the group)

Looking at it the other way round. If I have ROON groupings set up and then open the BluOS controller it just completely ignores the ROON groupings as if they did not exist

So why this mismatch in controllability between the two systems?

Roon and BluOS use different technologies, so the perceived shortcomings are simply a consequence of this.

When using Roon a BluOS device is a RAAT endpoint, which incidentally may be grouped with a non-BluOS device.

You may want to consider using Roon’s internet radio feature and the alarm extension instead of BluOS.