Roon and Cambridge player

I can’t access or configure Roon on my Cambridge via my IPad or IPhone 11 Pro Max. It just shows the half circle and lines expanding and contracting.

You have set up a Roon core machine I take it? You set up Roon via the Roon core machines ui or a remote not the Cambridge device. Roon is a server client system it does not run on the Cambridge only the Roon player side does.

I’m a newby so please excuse the ignorance. The HIFI store told me I could setup ROON on my iPhone or iPad and then use the remote to play all music on my Iphone Tidal, Apple Music etc through it. I guess it was duff gen.

Thanks for the advice.
My bad. I thought Roon was a cloud based system. It requires a device to store music NAS/Computer. My thinking was flawed based on average advice!!

Hello @Christian_787 , it is worth reading the getting started pages to learn how Roon operates and what it needs.

Music can be streamed but you do need something to run a Roon core on. A PC or Mac will do to get going.

Which Cambridge device are you using ?

Some are Roon Ready but not all

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Oh and Roon has a cost to use as well…just in case your hifi shop did not mention that little tidbit either……

Which HiFi store is this exactly, they sound quite knowledgable.

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