Roon and Chromecast and Displays and Connectivity

I have four Display devices, three by Sony, one by Vizio in my home. Two of the three Sonys show up in my Settings as “Displays” as does the Vizio. I assume – assume – that this connection is by Chromecast. They work as advertised.

The third Sony is not included in the choices for “Displays” and yet I can cast to it from my iPad apps that show the Chromecast logo. It works, just not with Roon.

This undisplayed Sony is connected by eArc to a Sonos ARC soundbar – great for TV, OK for Roon.

I wonder why it does not show itself in the “Displays” section? I prefer to use ARC stream for music playback in this system, and I would like to use this display with my Roon playback.

Any ideas? Any switches that need switching? Thanks!


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