Roon and Denon products

Hi, everybody,

a small question that has been afflicting me for some months now:
will DENON’s products ever be supported? I have an X2400H and I would like to be able to use it directly through LAN to listen to music and not through airplay.

thanks to all

What platform are you running Roon on. I have a Nuc/Rock with HDMI connection to my Denon 8500H.

I would also be interested in the Denon being Roon Ready with Ethernet connection but have no idea if that is possible. Would probably be up to Denon.


I’m using roon on ubuntu with the latest NUC (here and here) and as endpoint I have a raspberry pi2 with boss 1.2 and Denon X2400H with Focal Sib Evo 5.1 speakers.

If the Nuc is close enough to the Denon for a cable try out the HDMI connection while waiting for Ethernet. It will play multi-channel over HDMI if that is any interest to you.

thank you,

via HDMI the audio works perfectly but in my opinion is slightly “dead” compared to mine to the boss.
I’ve read that AVR’s built-in dacs make much but much better when they receive information over the network than over HDMI.

In fact I was surprised that Roon is still not compatible on Denons, we are talking about two BIGs that should cooperate …

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