Roon and Dirac 2019

Lifetime Roon user here. I run a Mac mini as a dedicated server and Roon Core. Feeds a Berkeley Audio USB and Alpha 2. Sounds great but a couple years ago I bought the full version of Dirac and have tried unsuccessfully to use it ever since. (There is an old thread on this site but nothing new, its dead). Basically, Dirac doesn’t seem to work with Roon, now through a couple versions of both updating their software.

When I select Dirac as the Roon player/zone, select the “on” for a correction curve in Dirac, all looks correct on screen but there is no actual application of Dirac. All resolutions etc. I tried Dirac for an answer and they had none.

SO-the question for anyone out there in Roon land: Do you have Roon working with Dirac and if so-how? I’d love to know!!

Also lifetime subscriber here. Have used Dirac with MacBook Pro (core/server) for years- works great!
@support should be able to help. Dirac is absolutely essential part of my system and listening enjoyment. All listening rooms have issues and Dirac goes a long way toward mitigating them.
Hoping for better Dirac/Roon integration relating to remote servers- but that’s another ongoing issue…

If you are using a Mac, have you selected Dirac as your output for audio in system options? Don’t forget to keep system sounds disabled or if you still want them select internal speakers

Few days ago I contacted (again :wink: ) Dirac about there new version Dirac 2.0 for PC/Mac to be released this year.

This is what they said to me:

we are working on the new standalone version for PC and Mac, that will use AU or VST plugins, and you will receive the upgrade at no cost but it’s not ready yet.

They will use AU or VST plug-ins. Is this useable with Roon?? If so, can someone explain how?

I know one way to achieve this. Rather complex and fragile. You probably hate it. Anyway, here we go:

Roon => squeeze2upnp => foobar2000 => dac

foobar2000 takes VST plug-ins. You need to turn on a upnp renderer service on foobar2000. Once Dirac releases the VST version, I will try the following workflow:

Roon => squeeze2upnp => foobar2000 => jplayfemto => dac

If you are in the OSX camp, you can try rogue amoeba software. Last time I tried with Dirac Studio (their never released VST/AU version), amoeba could not go any higher than 44.1khz. Functionally, it was robust. When the new VST/AU comes out, I will be testing for SQ as well as stability. I hope roon roadmap is more flexible by leaving room for experimental areas such as VST/AU and UPnP interfacing capability. Use at your own risk type sort of.

I hope foobar2000 holds up at, say, 192hz with dirac processing even at 7.1 channels. Real question is “when is it going to be released, dirac?”

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