Roon and discontinued streamers

Hi, just a general question for someone who doesn’t understand these things lol.

Looking for some clarification on whether future Roon Upgrades can affect the stability or performance of a music streamer that is discontinued (eg Mytek Brooklyn Bridge) and will therefore obviously have no further firmware upgrades from the manufacturer. And might it even get to the stage where the streamer would not work at all with Roon after a Roon Upgrade?


I suppose anything’s possible with obsolete hardware, but I doubt Roon would like to do that, if they could help it.

Predicting the future is tricky stuff.


The end point bridge software doesn’t get updates often but as @Bill_Janssen said, in future?

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Roon need to respond on this but they have always said that the Bridge software (if this is what the Mytek devices uses) has minimal changes made to it for this very reason (to keep working despite changes to the core software). Also, some endpoints may not be updateable by design (or obsolescence) so it is another good reason to keep the Bridge software minimal in functionality and relatively lightweight.

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Yes, a valid question. I’m using an oppo-203 as endpoint. While this endpoint has worked flawlessly during many years, I’m starting to loose it frequently now and I need to restart the oppo to be visible again in roon.

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Raise a support request then. Roon may be able to tell what is going on from the logs. Other Opp–203 owners may be being impacted (if a software issue) and it may be something Roon can fix at the core end.
As I’m sure you are aware, a flaky core or network can also cause these issues, plus of course a hardware fault in any device.

Thanks for the suggestions. Will do.

They have talked about this before no endpoint requires latest RAAT SDK to work with Roon. Updates to the SDK are usually adding new devices the back end is where any core updates happen not in the SDK. Only Roon bridge gets full updates to its code. If they fundamentally change RAAT like AirPlay 2 was then I would assume som backwards compatibility would happen but you would not get any new features. Not sure what could change here as formats are handled via core for this very reason.

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Thanks for the replies so far. Now I have another question stemming from my lack of knowledge. Are we saying that if an update was done to Roon Bridge then the manufacturer, eg Mytek, would normally release a new version of firmware for the Brooklyn Bridge because of the update done by Roon.
Given that Mytek have discontinued the unit they wouldn’t be doing this, so what would be the implications of this not happening? Apologies if I have got the wrong end of the stick here :grinning:

You are confusing two different things. Mytech kit is Roon Ready this is not Roon Bridge it’s the Roon RAAT SDK and is software embedded in the players software. Roon Bridge is a software player that can be installed on any pc or sbc. The SDK doesn’t need updates, there are newer ones but as I said it adds in new hardware that’s supported nothing else. Roon bridge does get updates from time to time. They both allow for RAAT playback but serve very different purposes. Doesn’t matter if mytech is discontinued and doesn’t receive updates it will continue to work with Roon as it’s always done.

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Thanks for clarifying :grinning:

My Antipodes DS worked flawlessly for a few years.
Then it didn’t.
The marvellous Antipodes Support got me going again, and again and again.
Eventually, they said that Roon had just got too big for the old software.
I traded in the DS for a newer Antipodes S30 and the problem disappeared.
This may eventually happen to your Mytek.

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Hi Ian, thanks for reply. What issues did you come across with Roon? I presume the DS still worked outside of Roon using Qobuz, Tidal etc?

This is isn’t a streamer though is it this is a core server machine that can be a zone. Very different beasts to a Roon Ready streamer where the code doesn’t change. I am sure it would still have worked fine as an endpoint. I can still run Roon bridge on a 3rd gen atom based nuc thin client and a rasperrry pi 2 hardly new or powerful kit.

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They were under specced for Roon core duties to begin I believe so they ran out of steam not the best example to give as it was sub standard for Roon to start with.


Kevin, contrary to someone who didn’t own it, it streamed perfectly.
Starting from around 2020 it just seemed to have trouble starting up (usually left on) after a Roon update.
Sometimes, if I was jumping from one album track to another within Roon, it would freeze for a short time.
Tidal and Qobuz worked fine. As a server it worked fine. Roon appeared to be the issue.

It did not exhibit any signs of being “under-specced” for a long time and through numerous Roon updates.
But, just like any PC I guess, eventually it will not be able to effectively process the latest operating system.

I moved the Core to my desktop and the DS again performed flawlessly.
But that was not how I wanted it to be so I updated.
I’ll take the opinion of the Antipodes service department as to why it struggled.

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My Auralic Aries is like this. Wonder what causes it?

Roons discovery protocols are a bit hit and miss and can easily get thrown off on certain network setups. It’s the core side where this lies not the end points as the only code that changes is on the core. Although firmware updates on devices can break things and often do if the OEM isn’t paying attention. Bluesound are bad for that.

No idea what causes it. I’m still trying to put my finger on it. I’ve changed the router (Wifi), but that made no difference. I’ve run several diagnostics on the wifi network, but according to these reports everything is in optima forma. I have now put a mesh repeater next to the oppo with the oppo connected via ethernet cable. Let’s see if this makes a difference.