Roon and Dragonfly Cobalt

The playback signal path shows MQA 96 Hz until it reaches system which then only shows hi quality. The

Dragonfly is set as "renderer via USB to NAD D2030.

What do I need to change to make system output same MQA 96 Hz as in the rest of signal path?

Please share a screenshot of your Signal Path. I assume you have the NAD D 3020 and this is taking the analogue output from the DragonFly Cobalt?

What is the dragonfly plugged into? This will help solve your problem. I assume it’s a pc of some kind? Have you been enabled exclusive mode in the device settings for the dragonfly?

thank you for your prompt response. Signal is coming direct into my computer via ethernet cable, from computer via usb to dragonfly cobalt, from dragonfly to rca analog inputs on Nad D3020. Dragonfly is set as renderer only at 24 bit 88.4 hz.

I have no issues with mine check you settings are like below

I’m new at this. it looks like my settings are totally screwed up. i must have done something wrong now because I can’t play anything. screen shows artist and track but says “nothing playing”. Also can’t find enhanced signal path screen. should I just uninstall roon and the re-install? would that be easier than trying to re-set everything?

I believe for lossless to show you need to fix the volume output though I’m not 100% on that. Worth a try though :slight_smile:

Device volume in my case as I am using its headphone output, if using lineout then it needs to be fixed at 100%

You should not need to reinstall. You can reset the device settings. That should get you back to its normal state.

Set Volume Control to Fixed which should set it at 100% or set Roons volume to 100%, Then set all the other settings as my pictures and it should work.

i can’t see the same settings. i’ve uninstalled and re-installed both roon and dragonfly. when i try to play music. i get a message that says “output not selected” but I have made dragonfly default device.
i’m totally lost

Hello @cary_vokes, I have moved the thread to #support as it will get more attention here. However, to help others to better understand the problem and your setup it would be really helpful if you described your setup in more detail. Please use the following as a guide.

Hello @cary_vokes,

Since you have reinstalled Roon, I assume that everything is back to the basic setup, so let’s confirm a few things first.

  1. Can you make sure that your Dragonfly has been enabled in Roon Settings -> Audio tab? Additionally, can you share a screenshot of this tab from your end? You can use these instructions to upload screenshots to this site.

  2. Can you try using the default settings for the Dragonfly zone? You can achieve this by going into the same Roon Settings -> Audio menu, pressing the “cogwheel” icon next to the Dragonfly zone and then Load Defaults.

After performing these two steps, you should then be able to select the Dragonfly from the Zone picker and have audio output to the Dragonfly zone. If the above two steps are not clear, we also have them listed in our Knowledge Base Guide with some additional screenshots. Note: all the blue links above are click-able.

Have you rebooted the core since adding it. I remember I had to do this when I first connected it as it would not see the mqa bit but played back ok as MQA. Just remembered it.

got it all working now. I uninstalled an AMD sound/video card that was apparently causing conflict with Roon. (I had installed the card a couple of years ago in order to have an hdmi output) I don’t know why there was a conflict because I understood that playback from my desktop via usb would bypass sound/video cards. Anyhow it’s working great now.

Hi @cary_vokes,

Thanks for the update here and glad to hear that Roon is working now since bypassing the AMD card!
For documentation purposes, can you please let me know the model of the AMD card you had?

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