Roon and HiFiBerry

Hi Brian - is there support for the HiFi Berry boards in the 1.2 release?

I pulled this out of the other thread because IQAudio and HiFiBerry are direct competitors.

If the HiFiBerry products show up as ALSA devices and are well behaved, they will probably work with our public RoonBridge builds.

It’s difficult for us to say for sure, as we don’t have access to HifiBerry hardware and haven’t tested with it.

We would be happy to see HiFiBerry become RoonReady as IQaudIO have done–it is a lot easier for us to confidently support products when we have access to the gear and a business relationship in place.

My Digi+ shows up as a proper ALSA card and is quite well-behaved. I trust it will be just fine.

Loosely yes they are, but the Digi and Digi+ have no equivalent at IQ Audio so can’t see there is a clash on that front. Roon seems to it understand the set up at the moment as if I connect to my Devialet with optical Roon limits to 24/96 but if I connect with coax it allows 24/192.

If you want one I have a spare one here, and a Pi2 if you want to test.

Yes, agreed this would be very welcome to get the Digi+ certified. As IQaudio doesn’t have a device with optical/coax out.

@NickB I’m using a Hifiberry Digi+ card on an RPi2 running picoreplayer - (squeezeplay). Roon sends 192/24 down to it and it’s connected via optical to my Devialet Phantom. I don’t think Roon has the capability to see what’s connected to the RPi2 yet.

Yes but the optical on the Devialet D200 is limited to 24/96 so it knows somehow.

Where can I find the public RoonBridge builds?

Where can I find the public RoonBridge builds?

My guess is nowhere :wink: (because it’s not released… yet)

I have a similar setup, RPi2 and HFiBerry Digi+ but using Squeezelite. I can output 24/912 to my NAD D3020 using the Coaxial output. Works really well. (beside network throughput issue from time to time).

What would be the benefit of having the HiFiBerry Roon certified ? Only having the whole chain listed in Roon ?

HiFiBerry have just posted that a Roon image is now available for beta-testing.


Great news! Mine runs fine on a self install based on all the help documented here, but I still think its inelegant compared to a downloadable image - especially for people not too interested in this sort of stuff. So it’s great to see more appearing. Hopefully Roons will follow shortly too.

One suggestion I’d like to make - is that developers add an option of turning off all the LEDs on the device, add on boards, and Ethernet (if possible). Those flashing lights are distracting in the bedroom. Well, time and a place…

I didn’t see hifiberry on the partners page?

Nice to see them climb on board – this will make building Pi/Hifiberry-based Roon Bridges a lot easier for I lot of folks.

No Wifi though, I guess. And I’ll still roll my own, if only for fine-grained volume control though amixer.

According to HiFiBerry, it does support WiFi:

it also supports WiFi. You need to enable WiFi by editing the config file wpa_supplicant.conf on the FAT partition. Add the following lines:
ssid=“Your SSID Here”
pairwise=CCMP TKIP

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Installed the image and it works, but a couple of points which I have also posted over on the HiFiBerry Forum.

  1. Can it remember the last volume when it is powered on - currently it defaults back to 100% (not sure if this is a roon setting @mike @vova or something on the Pi)

  2. Playing a 352.8Khz/24bit file or a DSD files crashes it and I have to power it off/on again to reset. When checking the setting it appears it will take anything:-

For now I’ve just set a limit of 192/24 so it forces it to down sample.

I’ll test the Digi+ later.

The DAC+ Pro is PCM only, up to 192Khz/24Bit. There’s obviously some misreporting going on, but I’m sure the Hifiberry team will sort this out quickly. In the mean time, you may want to set your DSD Playback Strategy to ‘Convert to PCM’ in Settings as well.

Thinking about it – why are these distributions so obese? (IQAudio’s is 1,93GB, while HifiBerry’s is 1,56GB). I think these certified distro’s could do far better:

  • Use a nice and sleek, custom built minimal distro (<50MB should be possible, and then some – maybe @danny can help here);
  • Make it all run from RAM (look at what PiCorePlayer is doing here), minimising the chances of card corruption at improper shutdown;
  • Offer a simple webpage for basic configuration options:
    ** Networking/Wifi
    ** OS updates
    ** HAT selection (if needed)

These would really be of service for anyone not able or caring to configure their Pi with Roon Bridge themselves, and be truly bullet-proof. Sideloading wpa_supplicant.conf in /boot with no way of troubleshooting when your Pi does not perform as expected kind of defeats the purpose of a ready-to-run image.


Hifiberry have seen the misreporting issue and are looking into it. I can’t recall seeing a Hifiberry representative on this forum so the excellent suggestions by Rene might be well made on their forum also.

I believe @Geoff_Coupe has been in contact with Hifiberry. Feel free to quote or paraphrase. :slight_smile:

I’ve posted your observations in the other forum. I agree with them - the ability to access settings via a web page in PiCorePlayer is invaluable, and sorely missed in the HiFiberry and IQaudIO RoonReady products currently available.