Roon and HQP issues

I am aware that some of these may be the issue with the DAC. I am using the OPPO 205 EU at present which is supposed to handle 768PCM and 512DSD.

If I try and play 768PCM it sounds like a badly tuned Radio station. Turn it down to 705.6 and all issues fall away.

With DSD at 512 it does the same bad radio station thing. At 256 it plays but with intermittent jumps. This is with Roon or HQP and whether it be done the fly or from 256 file. 128
plays perfectly either way. Meaning on the fly or from 128 files.

Any ideas? I cannot test it with my Audiolab 8300cdq because it doesn’t accept PCM above 384.

I have been having an issue with HQP for a while and now I tend not to try and use it as I cannot figure out is causing it. It started after the last update.

It refuses to connect to the micro rendu and doesn’t say it is recognized when one opens Preferences nothing is written in. the box that normally has the DAC name in it.

I can click on right app on the Sonore website and it says it has connected but it hasn’t. Sometimes all I have to do is do it a few times and then eventually works OR I have to reinstall which often works OR I have to restart the Mac. Other times nothing works, like today.

Anyone have any ideas as to why HQP is messing about like this?

Check at least that the Mac doesn’t have both wired and wireless network enabled simultaneously. So if you use wired connection, turn off the WiFi.

Problem with those higher rates could be due to various factors. It would be best to test the Oppo connected directly to the Mac without Rendu. Once that works without issues, you can put the Rendu back. If it doesn’t work, then you also know something. Otherwise troubleshooting just becomes more difficult because of too many possible variables.


It doesn’t have both on, just ethernet.

When I start the NBP it opens Client and 2 copies of Desktop.

I close Client.

The first copy of Desktop has a warning box saying something like 'failed to open audio device check setting. I click OK and the preferences box opens. The microrendu and OPPO are not written in the usual place. (Prior to switching to OPPO the same was happening but the dac was the Audiolab). I close that Desktop down.

I then have one Desktop open and it says in bottom left NAA cannot find device or something like that. If I keep restarting the app on the Sonore webpage, it will evetually coinnect althjough I sometimes have to switch off the MBP not just restart it.

It restarts what you had running before, unless you tell it not to restart applications on reboot. Close the second copy of Desktop before restarting. It won’t work.

This is normal because you have two copies (you should quit the other one), both trying to have exclusive access of the same audio device. Which is not going to work.

There is some networking issue, but hard to say what it is. Either the discovery message gets lost / blocked on the way. Or response to it. Check that macOS firewall is not blocking traffic to/from HQPlayer.

I still have the same problems. As stated above, the programs open when the MBP starts up despite having told it not to open what was open before shutting down.

I have a new problem: I can’t use Client. On the album view it shows all my albums but not their pictures, just your generic one for each. If I click on one it moves to the play page but there is noting there.

On the Transport page, all are listed in writing and clicking will show the artists albums and if I click on one then it lists the tracks in the next column. Nothing happens after that.

Library data is out of date or the library contents are not accessible by HQPlayer server?

So how do I fix this? I don’t know how the library can be out of date. Not saying it isn’t, just that I don’t know how.
And the second part about not being accessible to HQP, how would I know? How would I fix it?

No ideas as to why I get two copies of Desktop and 1 of Client open on start up?

You can make a clean rescan of the contents. If for example any of the content have been relocated in terms of filesystem paths since the previous scan.

Try dropping the files on Finder on the HQPlayer server window and see if they appear on the playlist. How to fix it depends on what the problem is…

If you quit all and restart macOS, they shouldn’t come up again. If they do, then macOS itself is having some problems storing it’s state.

I have searched Client and the manual and I cannot find any where that tells me how to get client to find where the music is. I can’t see anything about rescanning.

I know from searching as an Example Katie Melua it does not list albums I know to in my storage. Therefore it is not seeing my new storage device. Not that new but obviously Client doesn’t see it.

I also have to open the download file from you every time I want Client to open unless it opened automatically when I start up. It does not show in applications folder.

So how do I get a rescan?

kindest regards

I did the drag and drop and it played no problem.

This is at the server side. Explained in manual section “3. Library management” starting on page 9.

It is not listed unless you ask HQPlayer to update or rescan it’s library.

Client only sees what the HQPlayer server side knows about.

You didn’t install it in Applications? Likely also one reason you are having problems…

No. The downloaded folder with Client and Desktop in shows them, a manual, a legal piece, and an Applications folder with an arrow in the corner. When I click on either Client or Desktop 4, they open and 4 is in my apps folder. Client never is. I always starts from scratch. However, I have now, hopefully, made it stay in my dock.

I will go back and look in manual to try do as ypu said.

kindest regards

All sorted. Amazed at how quickly it found almost 20,000 tracks. All the pictures show in the album view. Clicked on a Bob Bylan and it opened str8 away and is playing.

BTW I use poly-sinc-ext2 as the filter. I have no idea what any of that means but this filter makes my ,usic souns very clear to my ears, instruments, both human and human amde.

Thank you kindly. I read thatmanual so many times. I don’t know why I didn’t see it.

Thank you k,indly.

Yes, as usual with Mac applications, you just drag those two applications to the Applications folder which is a link to your local Applications folder. Going further when updating it’ll ask you if you want to replace the previous version. Then you can eject the DMG from Finder.