Roon and HQPlayer answer urgently required please

I have licences for both Roon and HQPlayer Desktop.

I want to buy a server that has Roon on it and HQPlayer Server/Embedded. Or can do:

Is Roon ready.

Both Roon server and/or the Roon Ready player run within Nova offering direct playback of Roon music using the Roon App (Roon levy an annual charge) Roon is processor intensive so although it will run on all systems please choose one of our ‘Roon Servers’ if you have a large large music collection or wish to use advanced features such as upscaling or listening Room correction

HQ Player Server is a very demanding application but it can be enabled (Alongside Roon Server and HQ Player Playback) on our more powerful systems


I am pretty sure I will not for Roon but have no such certainty with regard to HQPlayer. Will my Desktop licence cover the embedded version?

The only reason I have not bought this server is because I do not know the answer to this question.

If anyone has owns the Desktop version and then bought an item with HQPlayer embedded, did you have to buy another licence?

My only other option is buy yet another MBPro with 6core i7 or 8core i9. That way I at lest know I can put both programs on a new MBP with no extra licence fees.

Thank you kindly if you can answer this for me I’d be ever so grateful.

kind regards

Yes, you will need to buy another license for HQEmbedded.
This license it tied to a specific hardware device, as stated in the webshop page of Signalyst
Signalist HQPlayer Webshop

Note! Hardware fingerprint from About-page of the HQPlayer 4 Embeded web UI is needed for ordering the license!

This means the license goes with the machine. If you would ever sell it, you have lost the license at is will go with the server.

Thank you Dirk.

Your response presents a different issue. From what you have written, it would seem that this server does not have the embedded version but has the desktop version. That seems clear from the part I quoted and also my conversations with the owner of Vortexbox/Audiostore. If that is the case, I have nothing to be concerned about. I already know I am able to use HQPlayer on a different machine.

I have no need to have HQP, or Roon, on more than one machine.

At present I use a MacBookPro but it is 2.4GHZ quad core i5. I ought to have bought a 6 core i7 or 8 core i9. Then I would not have any concerns at all about settings. There are settings in HQP that I cannot use. My machine pops and the music stops plus I can hear the fan. It must be the fan as the drive is SSD and doesn’t spin as you know.

So why am I harping on about this server? Well, mainly because it rips cds and I have many cds I have to rip or re-rip. The way I have to do it right now is slow, physically awkward and painful due to my disease. Using this server would just make like easier for me. It would mean less hassle PLUS it is a better option for me quality wise.

kind regards

At present I use HQP on. a MacBook Pro.

I am thinking about switching over to a top end Windows machine.

I know when I bought HQP there was a download fro Win dows, Linux and Mac OS.

If I go ahead and buy a Windows machine, will I have the par for a new licence or is there a way of transfering the licence I have over?

Thank you.

Kind regards

You can register a number of copies of HQPlayer Desktop using Help/Register and the keyfile emailed upon registration.

You would have to pay for HQPlayer Embedded which is separately licensed.

Thank you Andy. I know, because I did it, that I can swap over to another Mac using same registration key. Wasn’t sure I could do the same with swapping to a Windows.

Althpo I’d rather not go back to windows, you can get some very powerful machines now and they also have the Nvidia GPU which I now HQP uses if it’s available. Don’t get them on Macs.

Macs are all up in the air right now. They are stopping using Intel and thus Thunderbolt 3. I haver expensive external T.3 SSD’s. They say they are not leaving us beg=hind and will be using T.4 which will enable the same 40gbs power/speed. The externals do not even come on if the port is not T.3. Apple are changing to their own chip whic h theoretically ought to make their machines cheaper. Fat chance of that being passed on to us I think. It will all take about 2 years with them saying the first will be shipped in the fall of this year. That means autumn to me but when that starts fro the Americans I have no idea.

kindest regards

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