Roon and meridian?

I got a pair of dsp 8000 speakers that currently are controlled by a 218 zone controller and the fixed outs of my hegel h360. the meridian doesn’t have usb or hdmi that would be too easy, it does have ethernet though I don’t have a source select for it. anybody?

As far as I’m aware of, Roon can send the audio stream via ethernet to your 218. You don’t need USB or HDMI. Just connect your Nucleus and the 218 to the same network and make the proper settings in Roon (Settings | Audio) to enable it.
There are also other threads in the forum that discuss the use of the 218. You can use the search to find them.

I use a 218 into DSP 5200 SEs via Ethernet. It works flawlessly. Ethernet in, speakerlink out, done.

I’m clearly a roon and now 218 illiterate. second thing first what do you select off the meridian remote once the ethernet is plugged in? then firstly what do I have to do to make the 218 findable for roon? I select new core ant get nothing.

The 218 is an audio endpoint in Roon. Not a core.

You find the 218 here

You guys have to give me more, I’m using a nucleus and i’m getting the idea it’s the wrong tool fot this job?

You should get the Meridian ip Control app if you have an iPad.

Then you configure this as you need.

To find the 218 go to Roon/Settings/Audio

I have a pc and droid phone and my meridian remote is a bit more primitive

Ok, on the PC, Start Roon.

Select the three lines and you will find a drop down menu

In there select settings and then audio.

This will allow you to enable the 218 if it’s on your network

to get those 3 lines I have to plug back into the nucleus and select it as the core

Yes, The nucleus is the Roon Core, the engine if you like… that must be on and connected to your home network.
The 218 must be plugged in and also connected to your network. Use a network switch.

You should familiarise yourself with the knowledge base

run another enet cord, doing it now

Don’t plug the network into speakerlink.

Not the speakerlink

It found I selected and named now how do i select on the 218. Have I told you guys how freakin patient and kind ya are?

Speakerlink is for connection to Meridian DSP speakers with speakerlink inputs.

i’m in the one labeled network


Zones are here.

Click on the picture

i have this antique looking remote
gives cd-radio, currently what my pre runs thru-lp-tv-tape1-2-cdr-cable-dvd-vcr1-2-ld

sorry got ahead there, i selected and named dsp8000