Roon and Murfie?

We have 1100 of our CD’s archived and streamed through Murfie ( - and stream through our phone, and our Sonos system (hope to replace with Roon devices as soon as we’re able!!)

I’d love to see that service integrated into Roon like how TIDAL has been - could you get this on your roadmap?

(What I like is that I sent them my CD’s to be ripped and then can stream wherever I am located!!)


They have a pretty unique business model. I haven’t used them much, but they’re a good resource for specific used CD releases.


Ditto this request. Seems this would be very complementary with Roon, tying in a really interesting model supporting CD ownership and exchange. I’d be willing to volunteer some labor to the effort, if useful.

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The singe greatest problem with Murfie is that it now reeks of someone’s hobby.
Last time I sent them some discs, it took two months for Murfie to add them to my account.

This seems a little unfair, depending on quantity and the resulting quality. Having visited their space recently, I can attest that the scale is not insignificant. I believe they’ve also somewhat recently moved into a new larger location (or, over the past year, which might account for some of the delays you experienced, depending on timing).

Given it is a well capitalized small company it for sure is unfair to call it a “hobby” - Once your CD collection is stored there (and it sometimes take a few weeks before they start, but they were responsive when I asked) it’s realy cool to be abel to have access wherever in the world you may be!

I’d love to see them integrated to Roon. But just like TIDAL if you don’t like it, you certainly don’t have to use them!

Yes please. They’ve got a solid API and work with Sonos and others at this point. Wouldn’t be too hard to make the integration happen!!! PLEASE?

I’m with you. Integration of Murfie into Roon would be highly desirable. I’ve used Murfie for years and love it.

As this is the US only service sorry I would have to say no please dont waste resources on it. Sorry but Roon should be looking at more wider services than this not services available in one country.

Better to support cloud play? I have 1000s of albums uploaded (my entire collection) to the cloud. Using Cloudplayer like a dream on phone for flac streaming.