Roon and Naim Mu-so qb Stereo Pair

I have 2 1st generation Naim mu-so qbs that are unsused so I thought I’d make a stereo pair out of them for a bedroom. I would use Roon to ropieee on an rp4 into a topping d50s dac. From the dac the only thing I can think to do is rca out of each dac channel to a mono 3.5mm jack into the aux in on the mu-so’s. Anyone have a different idea or know if plugging mono jacks into the stereo aux in on each of the 2 mu-so’s is a problem? Thx

I would just add HiFiBerry Digi HAT to the Pis and run optical into the Mu-So’s.
HiFiBerry has a couple different Digi hats.

If you use 2 Pis, meaning 2 zones, you can configure Roon to route the R channel to R Pi and L channel to L Pi. If you don’t want something that complicated you can buy TOSKLINK optical splitter. You won’t get a sense of stereo with the splitter as both Mu-Sos would have the same output obviously. Two Pis with hats is still cheaper than the D50s. No need for a 4 either as 3B+ is plenty pi for an endpoint.

As far as Mono into each Mu-So goes… the Mu-So is a stereo device so you’d only be driving 1 channel, one set of amps, one side of speakers. That’s the drawback but as far as taking a 2-RCA to stereo 3.5mm cable into the Mu-So that works fine. A “mono” cable you’d need to know the pinout of the the cable to know if it will work. A standard 3.5mm stereo phono plug has L, R, and ground. The receiving side has 3 contacts spaced correctly to make contact on that L, R, and ground. If you use a mono plug then spacing may be off, or only contact one channel, or… I don’t know… will be dependent on how the mono cable is built.

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You can run DSP in Roon to mono the output to the endpoint and choose which channel it receives. You will need two inputs though. You can do this either using airplay or using two input sources. I do this to a wireless speaker I made for the bedroom with a a centre speaker and a raspberry pi as I need it mono but I mix both down. But you can achieve the same result to split it using same way.

Using procedural EQ and the mixer function it’s really simple to achieve. There is even documentation on how to do it. It’s how a number of users are getting Stereo pairs with Apple Home Pods.


Thx to both of you! Used the Procedural and airplay to each of the Naim’s. Works beautifully.