Roon and Naim streamers

I’ve recently bought a Naim SuperUniti, which I already love deeply. I know I can use an optical cable to connect my Mac to the SU, but network streaming works so well that I’ve temporarily (I hope) reverted to using JRiver for playing music.

I’m already missing Roon though so wondered what the prospects are of being able to stream from Room to Naim streamers in the near future. I guess this is a matter of Naim implementing Roon speakers, so Is this a matter to take up with Naim?

Yes. I understand the Software Development Kit (SDK) has not yet been released, so hardware manufacturers aren’t able to develop firmware updates to enable devices to be RoonReady at the moment. But you can raise the topic and ask if they intend to support Roon when the SDK is available.

The Naim forums have this post but I couldn’t see a response from Naim.

If Naim do intend to support then there will be a delay after release of the SDK while firmware is implemented. Mr Wang at Auralic told me he thought it would take them two months after release of the code.

Thanks andybob. There doesn’t seem to be much Roon love in the Naim thread so I’ll add a more positive comment now that I’m a member. I’ll also contact Naim for comment.